What a difference a swing can make!


"Join us for the fifth annual Swinging with the Superintendent golf tournament. We’re excited to continue the momentum of previous year’s successful tournament. What a fun way for the community to come together to support our students as they continue on a path of learning.”


Schools districts across the country are working on new initiatives to help develop qualified work forces to build strong communities.


The Beaufort County School District is offering students the opportunity to attend one of our counties local colleges TUITION-FREE for up to two years.


By supporting the “Swinging with the Superintendent” golf tournament you are helping to ensure that any graduate in Beaufort County can benefit from the Building a Better Beaufort Scholarship Fund, which in turn will help them in earning a certificate or associate’s degree at the Technical College of the Lowcountry.


Without you, this dream for our students would not be possible.


Thank you for your support and participation!


Dr. Jeffrey Moss,
Beaufort County School District

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